High Schools in Dayton, Ohio

The sixth largest city in Ohio – Dayton, is also the host of one of the best high schools in Ohio. The teaching staff at the schools, infrastructure of the schools, and students combined have achieved this feat. We understand that parents want the best high school for their kids. It’s their child’s future on the line so they don’t want to compromise on anything.

When parents search for a high school for their kid, they mainly look for the following parameters to see whether the school is fit for their kid and their budget.

1. The academic programs offered by the school
2. The fee structure and overall cost of education in high school
3. Diversity in the student enrollment and teaching staff
4. Size of the class and teacher to student ratio
5. How is student-teacher interaction
6. Extracurricular Activities for child overall growth
7. College placement percentage
8. Homeschool and online education programs
9. Does it meet your child’s need
10. How much involvement of parents is allowed

Shortlist your list of requirements and then go search for the best high school around Dayton, Ohio for your kid. You may not find all these things in one school, but the ones you find and fit well with your kid is going to be the best choice. Let’s take a look at some of the top performing high schools in Dayton, Ohio.

Dayton Regional STEM School

Teacher to Student Ratio in Dayton Regional STEM School is 1:18. The total student population in 635 serving in grades 6-12. The school has project-based learning programs, integrated curriculum, career pathways to shape students’ professional life ahead of the school. It also has a hotline for students which is a safety and regulatory compliance system.

Centerville High School

With the teacher to student ratio 1:18 and 2,775 students enrollment serving in grades 9 to 12. The purpose of the school and the community is to prepare the students for higher education and career.

Kettering Fairmont High School

The teach to student ratio is 1:18 serving 2,346 students in the grades 9 to 12. Athletics, career tech, clubs and activities, music, science, library, visual arts, fine arts, scholarships, Kettering Fairmont High School has a lot to offer that aides student’s overall growth.

The other schools in the list are…
Oakwood High School
Springboro High School
Beavercreek High School
Stivers School for the Arts
Bellbrook High School

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