Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical outlets should never buzz or crackle, they should not get hot, and they shouldn’t have any burn marks from use. All these things are signs of faulty wiring in your outlet. This problem could be caused by a bad wiring job or a failed DIY attempt. Always call a trained electrician for all electrical repairs (even minor ones).

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Sometimes problems that go unnoticed can e extreme fire hazards. Faulty electrical cable splices, cut wire insulation, or damaged wires, these are often products of an amateur job. If you suspect electrical work was done in your home by someone other than an electrician, you should have it checked out by a professional. If you have no idea who did your electrical work you should also have it checked out by a professional.

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Yes! Overlamping (using a light bulb that has a too-high wattage for its fixture) is dangerous. Every fixture has a recommended wattage that you should always follow. Overlamping can cause overheating and socket melting, as well as the melting of the wires in your fixture. When you have that kind of damage on your wiring, it becomes a dangerous fire hazard. Even after you remove the high-voltage bulb, the damage might already be done.

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