Annual events in Phoenix, AZ

The city of Phoenix, Arizona has an annual calendar full of activities that may vary as others are organized, these events help to promote culture, entertainment and leisure for its citizens.

Annual events are available include some as festivals, fairs and activities related to this kind of outdoor gatherings, however this city not only has the aforementioned events of annual dates, but also its calendar can be “modified” with the annex of other events such as concerts, works of theater and others.

Among the annual events Phoenix has to offer are:

Arizona State Fair: It is an activity that celebrates and seeks to unify its citizens for several days, with different activities.

The carnival rides take place within the Arizona state fair, and an interactive zoo is also installed so that children and the family in general can have contact with animals.

In the same way, they meet at the fair, concerts and musical activities.
However, these are just a few activities that are organized from the fair for the general public. Something that can’t be missed is the installation of an amusement park. The date of this event is in the month of October, so don’t forget to check the web to know the exact opening day and the activities offered.

Tour de Fat: For lovers of mystery, the circus, arts and those who seek to laugh with the stand comedy, there is this festival that brings together the best exponents of these areas to develop their skills and abilities here. Children under 12 years old are admitted and can enter for free.

Season of the Center of Arts of Table: This center of arts celebrates its season 2018-2019 with the accomplishment of an excellent festival for all the family, this festival is totally free, and it’s developed with various exhibitions that will be in the Museum of Contemporary Table Art, this museum is located very close to the art center, so accessing the exhibitions and then visiting the art center is very easy.

Oktoberfest: Festival of German origin that has spread throughout the world, for lovers of beer and German culture there is this fetival.
Within this festival people can enjoy disguise German food and be part of its culture for some days.

Speaking of annual events in the city of Phoenix is equal of immeasurable activities to do, only a few were listed, but there’s way much more to find.